We provide a cost effective, simplified visa and immigration service for individuals and businesses that do not have the time, knowledge or resources to make application by themselves. We take the confusion and frustration out of the immigration process.

A&J Global deals exclusively in advising and assisting clients from anywhere in the world to obtain Temporary and Permanent residency documents to Kenya. We only accept immigration cases of al kinds. As a consultancy, we follow strict legal confines of the immigration laws of Kenya.



General services include;

  1. Immigration consultancy and solutions
  2. Passports facilitation
  • Foreign national services
  1. Permits and passes
  2. Alien Cards
  3. Driving Licenses
  • Work/Residence Permits;

Class A. – Issued to persons who intend to engage in prospecting for minerals or mining.

Class B. – Work permit issued to persons wishing to invest in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry.

Class D. – This is issued to a specific employer who offers specific employment qualified to undertake that employment.

Class G. – Work permit issued to investors in a specific trade, business, or consultancy.

Class I. – Work/Residence permit issued to a member of missionary society approved by the Government of Kenya and whose presence is beneficial to the country.

Class K. – Residence permit issued to persons who have an assured income derived from sources outside and undertakes not to accept paid employment of any kind.

Class M. – Work permit issued to Conventional Refugees.

Important links:

  1. eCitizen – Gateway to All Government Services

Student Visa

This program is for people wishing to further their studies in Kenya. They can pursue a graduate or post graduate course, train in a trade, or develop their skills. There are visas for students who wish to pursue English language programs. Parents and relatives can apply for a visa to stay in Kenya as guardians to the students during their course of study.

Business Visa

This program is for people with business, management, or investment skills to establish or develop a new or existing business or invest in Kenya. There are different business visa options depending on what the applicant’s needs.

Partner Visa

This visa allows the spouse or de facto partner of an Kenyan citizen, permanent resident or eligible East African citizen to live in Kenya. This is a 2 stage visa with the first stage being a 2 year temporary visa followed by a permanent visa. You can apply for the partner visa when either in Kenya or from offshore. You can apply for either of these visas as a de-facto or married couple.

Skilled Visa

Are you a skilled professional that can help alleviate Kenya’s growing shortage of skilled labor? The skilled migration program is for people who have skills in particular occupations in demand in Kenya. These occupations require significant training in university qualifications or a trade.

Temporary Work (skilled) Visa

People eligible for this visa must be sponsored by an Kenyan employer to work on a temporary basis of a period of up to four years. The visa applicant must have the skills required to fill in the nominated occupation. The visa applicant can bring eligible secondary applicants with them to Kenya who will have the right to work and study. There is no limit on the number of times the visa holder can travel in and out of Kenya.

Visitor Visa

This visa option is for people who want a short stay visa to Kenya;
  • to tour Kenya for a holiday or recreation
  • For business visitor activities
  • To visit family
A visitor visa holder is only allowed to stay for up to three months.