Leadership and governance

We help nature the calling within…

Governance & Coaching

We setup governance frameworks for our clients and train on the tenets of corporate governance.


We carry out & Strategic reviews, train, and develop partnerships with our clients' strategic
directions. Digital Strategy is our strength.

Our Areas Of Leadership Training

As a leader, one needs to disseminate energy to others.  A leader is the primary power source that drives the group towards organization goals.

How do you become an impactful leader?

Our leadership training programs will train you on how to energize your team and lead them towards achieving your organization’s goals

Reinforce and sustain your leadership impact across all dimensions of your organization, and your life

This program challenges you to become a more responsible and engaged senior leader by building a Leadership Operating Environment that establishes trust, provides clarity and builds momentum for yourself and your organization

Are you looking for new ways to become a more visible and assertive leader within your organization?

As a woman, finding role models becomes increasingly challenging as you rise in your company. A&J Global leadership programs will connect you to other women leaders of similar ranks. By sharing ideas, training, and engagements, you will be empowered to be the leader who takes your company to the ultimate goal.

This is an era of digital disruption to both business and leadership operations. What happens to old-school leadership methods that have been effective for years?

Our digital age leadership empowerment programs offer a practical, personalized learning approach, backed up by theory and research. You’ll receive customized feedback on your digital leadership capabilities and work with our trained coaches to optimize your strengths..

Global pandemics have taught us that none of us can predict what lies ahead. How prepared are you to handle an unexpected turbulence?

Turbulence occurs without any warning, calling for angile, and adaptive leadership. We walk with leaders to navigate through a disruptive occurrence and emerge more robust and better.

Our crisis management programs equip managers with the knowledge to carefully handle and manage crises.

How often do you take the time to reflect on your leadership style, your vision, and the impact you can make on your team and the organization? Our leadership programs will provide you with an opportunity to expand your leadership skills and enrich the way you mobilize others to prosperity.

You learn the art of resilience in the face of adversity, adopting new ways of approaching challenges and overcoming obstacles in your professional context.

Executive Recruitment Services and Selection

We do extensive C-suite skill searches to help you get the best brains in the market.  The hustle of arranging and conducting interviews and the entire selection process rests with our tested consultants on your behalf.