Approximately Two Years (2) after a pandemic that had a great effect on the management and workforce, political unrest due to elections is probable as we near August 2022.
What support do employees require?

  1. Establishing Political Expression Policies to avoid conflict, confusion, and expectations.
  2. Help them manage negative emotions by encouraging them to use the right tone and speak candidly about their own experiences especially if political happenings disrupt their productivity.
  3. Communicating the action plan to your staff that acknowledges their distractions and feelings, sharing a plan for a productive conversation with them, restating the mission and vision of the organization, and outlining the next action plan for the organization. For example, the HR may need to involve the employees in the designing of working-from home policy among other considerations.
    Article by:
    Purity Kinoti and Jotham Mukundi Gichuhi

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