Category: Leadership and Governance


It’s the desire of every entrepreneur that their business grows in various aspects be it in customer base, expanded geographical footprint , profitability, cash flow, Human capital capabilities among other parameters. An important factor in growing your business is ensuring that you have the proper support and foundation to thrive and bank on in trying […]

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Raw Traits of a Future Leader

  These characteristics can be good indicators of your employees’ future success in leadership roles. From empathy to emotional intelligence – Emotional intelligence is the skill in perceiving, understanding, and managing emotions and feelings. It is a highly significant trait in successful leaders as leadership is all about relatability. By understanding how others are motivated, […]

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Things successful people do.

We all want to be successful (or at least if you are anything like me). However being successful and wealthy is not easy; it’s not a “walk in the park”. It requires an amount of work and discipline especially when no one is watching. If it were easy, trust me everyone would be as successful. […]

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