These characteristics can be good indicators of your employees’ future success in leadership roles.

  1. From empathy to emotional intelligence – Emotional intelligence is the skill in perceiving, understanding, and managing emotions and feelings. It is a highly significant trait in successful leaders as leadership is all about relatability. By understanding how others are motivated, leaders can adjust communication styles and approaches to better manage their teams.
  1. From poise to confidence – Leaders can’t create a following if they don’t have confidence in themselves and their ideals. It’s impossible to convince employees that a new initiative will be exciting and profitable when underlying doubts are present.Look for poise now when picking future leaders. As they adapt to change and use their current skills to make decisions and learn from them their newly developed confidence will soon surface.
  2. From outgoing nature to courage –  Leaders are not leaders if they accept the current standard and go along with the mindset of the masses. True leaders take risks.Gathering the strength to speak up for what is best for the business, despite fear of failure, is where true leaders can make all the difference in their roles.
  1. From attention to detail to focus – There needs to be a great deal of enduring focus set upon business goals and objectives. From company-wide projects to employees’ day-to-day job duties, these goals should always be top of mind for leaders.With more time and experience, he will know how to apply this skill to the overall business, almost as if it were second nature. That’s when he’s developed focus.
  1. From ambition to vision – Leaders are always planning for the future and have a vision, road map, game plan, of where the business needs to go. Without a defined direction, managers will have nowhere to lead the team. We all have slow days. It’s when it becomes a habit where you have to worry. Employees who regularly express ambition to go above and beyond what’s asked of them and who show genuine interest in the company’s future are most likely to project the corporate vision as leaders.But remember, ambition to succeed, and subsequently, fulfill a vision, must have substance.

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