Implementing Real-Time Feedback as part of the performance management process will:

  1. Increase the quality and accuracy of performance data. Reduce the potential impact of bias on performance data through the continuous collection of feedback. Real-Time Feedback supports fair and accurate talent decision making by providing a clear picture of performance and improvement over time.
  2. Build a culture of transparency and trust. Transparency allows employees to feel connected to the organization in a meaningful way. A transparent culture creates an environment where people can provide honest and helpful feedback, and know that it will be used in positive way.
  3. Increase motivation by offering recognition and encouragement. Real-Time Feedback allows employees to be called out for their strengths and accomplishments, reinforcing strong performance and positive contributions.
  4. Improve employee performance by helping managers address and document performance issues in real time so that employees can quickly course correct. Performance issues will no longer surface as surprises during formal performance reviews.
  5. Onboard new employees more quickly and efficiently. Real-Time Feedback will allow new employees to become fully productive more quickly by allowing them to learn and adapt to their role.

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