Do you want to capture your audience and retain them? Use these tips and thank me later.
1. Put your bottom line on Top (BLOT).
Many people don’t read long information that is written on the webpages. Therefore use few words and put the mesa you want to rely on top of your other communications.
2. Give them bite-sized pieces.
Too much information may bore your audience. Find a way of slicing your information to bits according to your order of importance.
3. Use visuals to win message retention.
Using visuals and combined words will make your information more memorable to your audience.
4. Do fewer things better.
Do not post “Just because”. Instead, put up content with an understanding of what makes sense for your brand and your audience.
Consistency is still key but the kind of message you rely and how your audience will take it is more important.

A&J global (the home of Mweledi Jobs) is a Business advisory hub on the following:

  1. HR ,Recruitment & Governance
  2. Risk Management & process reengineering
  3. Leadership& Capacity Building
  4. Assurance ( Internal Audit, system Audit,ISO 9001:2015)

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