Despite books, training, articles,seminars, conferences etc we are still making mistakes in our practices. Here are some of them:

  1. Skip the Certifications
    The professional bodies of auditors offer seminars, books and articles all for continuous education. As much as we have certifications continuous education is important. However you find that the people in internal audit are practicing but are not certified. Therefore not keeping up with industry trends.
  2. Audit Like it’s 1999
    With the changing market dynamics, organizations should be determined to make significant improvements to keep up with the market and stay current with the profession. Unfortunately, many of us are still auditing the same way they did twenty years ago. It is every auditor’s responsibility to stay current with business, industry and audit trends. Auditors should be risk –focused and be applying the latest tools and techniques to our audit process.
  3. Ignore the New Hires
    Most departments promote based on incumbency. Audit managers may end up in their positions with no training in soft skills. In such cases the suffering personnel are the staff auditors. The manager may blow them off with the notion that “they won’t be career auditors anyway”.
  4. Auditing is only interviewing
    Even with the near constant training available on the use of technology and focus on improved testing methodologies like data analytics, many in our profession base all of their audit work solely on interviews and walkthroughs.


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