1. Negotiating venture capital financing based solely on the valuation. There are many other ways to consider when making a deal not only valuation.
  2. Starting a business while employed by a potential competitor, or hiring employees without first checking their agreements with the current employer and their knowledge of trade secrets. Legally you cannot employ an employee who is an employee of another competing company
  3. Promising more in the business plan than can be delivered and failing to comply with state and federal securities laws.Making an appraisal that one cannot achieve is as good as business fraud. Set up an honest promise that is doable.
  1. Thinking any legal problems can be solved later. Excellent legal talent can be retained for relatively little money up front at the early stages. It will cost much less to get it right at the beginning than to try to sort it all out later and correct it.


A&J global (the home of Mweledi Jobs) is a Business advisory hub on the following:

  1. HR ,Recruitment & Governance
  2. Risk Management & process reengineering
  3. Leadership& Capacity Building
  4. Assurance ( Internal Audit, system Audit,ISO 9001:2015)

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