outsourcing is recommendable but it has its own challenges as well.

Challenge 1:

it is noticed that outsourcing frightens many employees. The implementation of outsourcing creates a sense of uncertainty among the current workforce and induces them to hunt for greener pastures.

Challenge 2:

Selecting the Right Service Provider – Selecting the right vendor is the other thing that will cause alittle distress to the employer considering there are factors you have to consider, a lot of them.

Challenge 3:

Legal Tangle and Lack of Understanding of the Contract – If the legal implications of the contract are vague to both the organization and the service provider, it will fizzle out the initial hoopla surrounding the outsourcing decision. Many outsourcing companies overlook legal issues and face outsourcing failures.

Challenge 4:

Cultural Concerns – There are two types of cultural peculiarities: Corporate and Country-specific. Outsourcers often find it difficult to rectify cultural tangles


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