Managing ones career is taking time to know, understand and plan ones aspirations. Despite where we work or the kind of jobs we do, each individual is in charge of their own career. Here is how to effectively manage your career and ensure you stay on track.

  1. Develop a long-term career aspirations plan.

Develop your career based on your strengths, interests and aspiration instead of basing it on how much money you can make. This way you can achieve job satisfaction which gives you a sense of achievement and helps you stay committed to your long term goals/ career.

  1. Understand the culture of your organization.

Make sure you understand your organizations culture as you effectively manage your career. Be humble, be coachable, work harder and smarter as well demonstrate the desire to learn and grow.

  1. Don’t shy away from opportunities—regardless of discomfort.

Take up risks to working on those new opportunity even though they may not be what you actually do. This shows you you are capable of handling increased responsibilities.

  1. Break it up with short-term action items.

After you are done developing your long term aspirations, try breaking them into short term actions to which will eventually help you reach your long term goals

  1. Tap your colleagues effectively.

Learn to share and get information about where you want to go and what you want not only to your manager but to your colleagues as well.


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