Let’s enhance our mentor programmes:

1) Be true to your mission- put your organizations mission, vision and strategy first priority.
2) Plan around your company culture- make sure your programme aligns with the kind of culture you want to create for your organization.
3) Create a support system- make sure you provide your mentee  with the support they need.

4) Don’t forget to evaluate –perform evaluations time to time, it could be monthly, quarterly or yearly.


For more or enquiries on the same reach us:

A&J global (the home of Mweledi Jobs) is a Business advisory hub on the following:

  1. HR ,Recruitment & Governance
  2. Risk Management & process reengineering
  3. Leadership& Capacity Building
  4. Assurance ( Internal Audit, system Audit,ISO 9001:2015)

For More visit www.ajglobalconsult.com and www.mweledijobs.com  through email:admin@ajglobalconsult.com



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