We do not want to lose our best candidates somewhere around the application process, because it is very easy considering the overly complex questions, lengthy forms ,( name them). some of the ways to improve those processes;

Keep your instructions clear

Unclear application instructions are one of the top seeker complaints about the entire hiring process.Always provide a clear instructions to your seekers. Let candidates get it clear where you want them to apply, and how in your job post.

Keep the process short

A seemingly never-ending process is one of the most common reasons why job seekers abandon an online application.  Keep your process as short as possible by asking the relevant question. Maybe divide them into three categories. Questions that are absolutely necessary, questions that can be removed, and questions that can be asked later in the screening process.

Make it user-friendly

By making it friendly I mean, think about the features that make any kind of online filling as simple and easy as possible.

Offer a confirmation email

Job seekers always want more communication, and this is particularly true when it comes to the application process. Once they send in their resume, candidates want to know that a human being received it. And when they don’t get a confirmation, they instantly lose faith in the company.


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