1. Understand that stress helps us function.

Not all stress is bad for you. There are different kinds of stress, and some serve an important purpose.” Good stress,” which psychologists refer to as “eustress,” is the stress we feel when we’re excited about something.

2.Build your resilience.

Stress is fundamental to us functioning effectively. Without a little stress lighting the fire under our feet, we’d be less productive and motivated to get things done. Embrace stress as something that helps you build resilience.

  1. Recognize your limits.

The golden rule for dealing with stress is knowing when to say no. You have to learn to refrain from accepting more commitments than you are capable of handling. Most of us like to think we can fit it all in, doing everything and then some. But when we take on too much, we open ourselves up to bigger problems and chronic stress.

  1. Deal with chronic stress

While some stress can be positive, there are problematic forms of stress that harm our mental and physical health. Even “good stress” left to fester unresolved for too long can turn into bad stress.

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