Purpose to make your employees day using the following ways.

  1. Praise a job well done.  Identify the actions you find admirable and spell them out in details.
  2. Say thank you. Appreciate hard work and use please more often. These actions of grace and politeness are more appreciated at work place. It brings out some civilization at work.
  3. Give financial incentive. End of year bonuses, attendance bonuses, quarterly bonuses, and gift certificates say “thank you” quite nicely.
  1. Learn your co-workers’ interests.Questions and acknowledgments about their family, their hobby, their weekend or a special event they attended are always welcome. Your genuine interest as opposed to being nosey causes people to feel valued and cared about.
  2. Present a personalized gift. Know your coworker’s interests well enough to present a small gift occasionally. An appreciated gift and the gesture of providing it will light up your coworker’s day


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  1. HR ,Recruitment & Governance
  2. Risk Management & process reengineering
  3. Leadership& Capacity Building
  4. Assurance ( Internal Audit, system Audit,ISO 9001:2015)

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